5 Tips For Good Oral Health In Young Children

We’ve been talking about teeth in my house a lot lately. Cam and I just had our bi-yearly check up, and Clara is cutting four teeth through at once. Can you say cranky baby?!

Look at those pearly whites!

I’ve discussed with our dentist and pediatrician how we can set Clara up for the best overall dental health.

** I am NOT an expert at this subject. You should consult with your own pediatrician instead of listening to some lady on the internet : ) That disclaimer aside, I think there is some good information here

There seems to be a common misconception out there that baby teeth do not matter. Often people assume that because primary children’s teeth are not permanent, they must not be important.

This is the opposite of the truth. Poor dental hygiene is linked to infections, the inability to eat or sleep well, compromises self-esteem, and can harm overall development of the child.

The good news is that proper care of baby teeth is not hard!

Here are my 5 tips for good oral health in your young child:

1. Start early! Once home from the hospital it is good to start implementing care of the mouth right away. Twice a day take a washcloth or soft piece of gauze and rub it all over the gums. Once teeth have erupted, begin using a soft bristle toothbrush.

2. Make it fun! When baby is able to help, allow her to hold the toothbrush! Clara loves brushing her teeth because it’s just like using a teething toy to her. I let her brush for as long as she is interested, then I help go over any missed spots.

3. Limit/Avoid juice and other sugary drinks. There is no health benefit of most juices because it’s essentially straight sugar. Stick to water, and let them eat real fruit instead.

4. Lead by example. Your kiddo wants to mimic everything you do. Show them that proper oral health is important!

5. Go to the dentist early on. Schedule your child’s first dentist appointment around their first birthday. Its important to establish a relationship with the dentist right from the start and catch any potential problems early on. Even better if you can find a pediatric dentist! Northwest Arkansas (hometown shoutout!) is blessed with some of the best at Pediatric Dental Associates and Orthodontics. I promise your child will enjoy the dentist at a place like this.

See how easy that is! Keep Smiling : )



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