Weekend Recap

It’s a long weekend for us, which means that our to-do list is extra long as well. I make a to-do lists for the weekend every Friday morning, although I rarely accomplish the entire list 🙂

I like big goals and I cannot lie…

The bonus day is working in my favor. One on the list for today is to go shopping for a new sofa! It’s just the initial browsing trip, but I’m so excited!

Anywho, here’s a quick recap of my favorite moments from the weekend :

•Being able to watch the snowstorm roll in from the warm living room. Less than 24 hours prior it was warm enough to go to the park!

So thankful we got outside for some fresh air!

• This adorable dance move that Clara has perfected

•Feeling good on my first “long” run in a while. I used to be a kinda fast distance runner pre-baby, and I am just now beginning to feel like my old self again. I’m on week 7 of my training for the Bentonville Half Marathon . I’m very excited for it because I am running it with my brothers and it is their first half marathon!

My “little” brother Micah is to the left, and my big brother Matthew is on the right.

*Leaving you with some interesting links from around the web

Inspiring and meaningful advice for life from speeches given by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

•I’ve been thinking a lot about how to raise my daughter to be accepting of all races (and religions etc). Here are some great articles about raising race conscience children and how silence can breed prejudice.

Dying woman’s inspirational letter– this will make you cry, but please read if you haven’t. It will put life in perspective for you.

Spot on-Spring cleaning

•Have you heard the great news?!?! Llama Llama

Have a great week!



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