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Being a Feminist and a Stay At Home Mom

Happy International Women’s Day!!!

Today is a day that I am more aware of and intentional about now that I am raising a daughter. I want Clara to know that she is fully capable of whatever goals she lays out for herself, and I want those goals to be so much higher than mine ever were as a little girl.

I became a stay at home mother and homemaker nearly one year ago. On the surface, I am the typical SAHM. And if I’m being honest, I struggled with my identity in this role at first.

I like having dinner on the table when my husband walks in the door from a long day at work. I like completing chores around the house, doing laundry, vacuuming, reading to Clara, doing crafts, sewing. Yesterday was mop the floor day, and I love the fresh smell after it is finished.

I am also an advocate for women’s rights, a feminist, and I used to wonder if I was a hypocrite by working inside of the home. If I fell into “traditional womanly duties” was I part of the reason that women are still fighting for gender parity?

But I CHOSE this life as a homemaker. When it comes down to it, feminism is about the choice to do what you want with your life, and not letting the gender that you are born into determine your aspirations or success.

This is what is best for my family (at least at the moment) and I realize now that I am still fully capable of setting a positive example for my daughter, even as I hold a title that is not traditionally feminist.

Being maternal is not anti-feminism. When I intentionally choose to take care of my family, I am showing them that they are as important as anyone else and are valued. Choosing my responsibilities at home does not make me any less ambitious than a CEO of a company, a work outside of the home mother, or someone that chooses to not have children.

I take pride in the work that I do everyday. I know the work that I do is valuable even though there is no paycheck attached

Feminists want equality and progression. I am making a huge contribution to the next generation- what is more progressive than that?

Leaving you with some of my favorite quotes for International Women’s Day.



2 thoughts on “Being a Feminist and a Stay At Home Mom”

  1. This is a lovely post. I think it’s important for my daughters to grow up knowing they have options (and my son too, there are more stay at home dad’s these days). The important thing is finding a solution that works for the whole family x

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