About Me

Hello, and welcome to Sunny and Bright, a lifestyle and motherhood blog full of positivity and “real” life.  My name is Rachel and I live in Cleveland, Ohio along with my husband Cameron, our daughter Clara, and our dog Abbey.

I started this blog because I wanted an opportunity to not only document the everyday activities in my family, but also be a source of support for all those new mommies out there. I remember in the early days of having my daughter I would spend time scrolling through instagram and see all the “perfect” families. Mom’s with perfect hair, makeup, and everything just put together like so. I felt like I must be doing it all wrong because I was so far on the opposite end of the spectrum. My promise to you is that whatever is shown here will be the real deal, not a glorified version.

The inspiration behind the name for Sunny and Bright came one day while I was singing “You Are My Sunshine” to my little girl (I think she is the only person that likes my singing). The name Clara means clear and bright, and she is of course my sunshine, just as your little one is your sunshine too.

Thank you for stopping by! Please feel free to contact me here  or email me at sunnyandbrightblog@gmail.com